ut along the high?/p>

坵ay to the neighboring port. An empl▓oyee of the Tokio-Yokohama interurban, an●d some street urchins Fishermen a▓long the bay on my tram

p fro●m Tokio to Yokohama


Hey ! I am
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H▓OMEWARD BOUND There was preaching and singin▓g in the Sailors’ Home of Yokohama on t●he evening of my arrival.The white-bearded ▓missionary styled the service a

f at one station as
“mass meet▓i

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ng for Christ.”

minimal design

The beachcomb

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ers in atte?/p>

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坣dance were not t

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hose to cavil at ▓names.So long as they were permitted ●to doze away the evening in comforta▓ble chairs, “holy Joe” might assign any reas

d from Lincolnlane,?/a>


o▓n he chose for their presence, though there w●ere those near me at the back of the room wh▓


o grumbled now and then at t●he monotonous voice that disturbed t●heir dreams. No such prot


est,● certainly, rose to the lips ▓of the herculanean Chilian with whom I had falle▓n in duri

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ng the afternoon, for what●ever his inner feelings, they w●ere stifled by his de

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g in the whining It●alian in which he spo

ke led me to look more ●closely at him.It was the Neapolitan half-c●aste; more ragged and woe-begone than ever,▓ and smudged with the

s o●f the follow me follow me follow me
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dust of the coa▓l bunkers in which he ha

d stowed away in Kobe▓ harbor. I told his story to the C●hilian as we struck off together towards▓ 484the park which I fancied mus

next that follow me follow me follow me
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Gretchen J. Mcdonald

t be ●our resting-place for the night.The

South Amer▓ican, however, had not been three months “on● the beach” without learning● some of the secrets of Yokohama.He ma●rched

he was “ follow me follow me follow me
Collect from /


self-confidently down the main tho▓roughfare, past the German and America●n con

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sulates, turned a corne●r at the European post-office, and, brush

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ing ●along a well-kept hedge, stopped in the deep ●shadow of a s

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hort driveway.Before● us was a high wooden gate flanked by two ▓

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taller pillars, beyond which the thi▓n moonlight disclosed the ou

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tlines● of a large, two-story dwelling. ▓ “Look here, friend,

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” I int●erposed, “if you’re going to ●try burglary—” “C

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állete▓ la boca, hombre!” muttered the C●hilian.“The patrol w

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ill hear you.Come on,●” and, placing both hands on the top of ●

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the gate, he vaulted it as

easily as if it had ▓been only

half its six feet in height.I fol▓lowed, and the half-breed tumb●led over after me, his heels● beating a noisy tattoo on the barrier.O●nce inside, however, the Chilian ●seemed to lose all fear of the patrol and crunch●ed along the graveled walk, t▓alking freely. “Lucky thing for the beach●combers, this war,” he said; “If there were ▓peace we’d be sl

nderer dubbed


eeping in the park.Suppose ▓the Czar knew he was giving us posada” he● chuckled

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, marching around to the ●back of the building.There was no sign of li▓fe within.Mounting to t

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he ba▓ck veranda, our guide snatched open one shutter● of a low window.The half-breed was trem

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bling▓ piteously, though whether from hunger, fatigue,▓ or fear, I could not know.O▓ne needed

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only to look hard at h▓im to set his teeth rattling. But I▓ myself had no longing to be ta

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●ken for a burglar. “Here! Wha▓t’s the game” I demanded, nudging the Chil▓ian. “Why

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, man,” he replied, “this is ▓our hotel, the Russian consulate, 癖 and he stepped in through


the open windo▓w. My misgivings fled.Japan and Russia were ●at war; the cons

ulate, therefore, mus●t be

unoccupied, and more t

han that,● it was Russian territory, on w●hich the polic

e of Japan had no mo●

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re authority than in Moscow.I▓ swung a leg over the window sill.● “Ascolta!” gasped the half-cast●e, snatching at my jacket; “Ci sono gente!〃埍 I paused to listen.From somewhere clos▓e at hand came a muffled snort. “Come on,”● laughed the Chilian.“It’s one of t●he boys, snoring.Several of ●them make posada here.” 485When we had clim●bed in and closed the shutter, he struck a matc▓h

himself; a

.The room was entirely unfur

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Chilian pul●led open the door of a closet and brought ●forth a candle, pipe, blanket, and a pap●er novel in Spanish. “Of course it?/p>

坰 only the servants’ qua

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in part of the house is tight locked●.But there’s plenty of room for● such of the boys as I have passed the ●word to,—sober fellows t

hat wo▓n’t burn the place

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ing into my face and the sound of an unf▓amiliar voice awakened me in what seemed a s▓hort hour afterward.The wind▓ow by which we had e

ntered stood wide open, ▓an

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d, as I sprang to my fee▓t.“Come out quick or I call t▓he police.” The Chilian stir▓red and thrust aside the jacket that covered ?/p>


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坔is face. “Go on way!” he growled, i▓n the first English I had hear●d from his lips.“Go on way● an’ leave us

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to sleep.” “I cal▓l the police,” repeated the ●native. “Bloody thunder, ▓police!” bawled my partner, sitti

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ng up.“Go ▓on way or I break your face.” The● Jap left hastily. “Close the shut▓ters,” continued the Chilia

the name, alle


n, in● his own tongue.“Too early to▓ get up yet.That fellow is from the Frenc▓

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h consul, who has charge of this pla●ce.He disturbs us every morning, but he▓ can do nothing.” Two hour●s later the Chilian stowed away his property.▓When the coast was clear, we● climbed the gate and returned to the Home.● Life on the beach in Yoko▓hama might have gr

01 One Fourth

own monotonous in the days● that followed but for the necessity of an inc▓essant scramble for rice and fish●es.Out beyond the park were a score of native ●shops where a Gargantuan feast o▓f rice and stewed niku—meat▓ of uncertain antecedents—sold for a song●.Th

02 One Fourth

ere were times, of course, when we had not e▓ven a song between us; but in the Chi▓nese quarters nearer the harbor, queued● shopkeepers offered an armful of Ori▓ental fruits and the thin strips of roast▓ed pork popularly known as  癜rat-tails” for half a vocal ef

03 One Fourth

fort▓.Or, failing this, there were the vendors 486▓of soba, who appeared with their push-carts a▓s dusk fell, demanding only two sen for a bowl ●of this Japanese macaroni swimming in grea▓sy water, and the use of a badly-▓worn pair of chopsticks.The Ch▓ilian was

04 One Fourth

versatile, I had be●en “busted” before; between us w▓e rarely failed to find the means of▓ patronizing at least the street vendors be▓fore retreating to Russian territory. Never h▓ad I doubted, on the day of my stroll ba▓ck from Tokyo, that the end of August

01 One Half

would ▓find me again in “the States.” By the time▓ I had learned to vault the con▓sulate gate as noiselessly as the Chilian,● the Pacific seemed a far greater barrie▓r.For shipping was dull in Yokohama;● the shipping, that is, of white s▓eamen.That day was rare

02 One Half

in which at lea▓st one ship did not weigh anchor; but ▓their crews were Oriental.His book might ●be swollen with honorable dis▓charges, his stubby fingers nimble at making ▓knots and splices; but plain Jack Tar fr●om the western world was left t▓o knock his heel

01 One Third

s on the long stone jetty▓ and hurl stentorian oaths at each departin▓g craft. A “windjammer,” r●equiring a new crew, would h●ave solved many personal problems; and th▓ere were three such vessels, two▓ full-rigged ships and a bark, riding at ▓anchor far out

02 One Third

beyond the breakwater.B●ut as far back as the oldest● beachcomber could remember, the▓y had showed no signs of life, an▓d their gaunt masts and bare yards had long ▓since come to be as permanent fixtures in the la●ndscape as the eternal hills beyond.Mor▓eover, ru

03 One Third

mor had it that the crafts were fu▓ll-handed.Now and then a pair of their a●pprentices dropped into the Home of an eveni●ng; more than one of “the boys,” skirmishing f●or breakfast in the gray of dawn, had com▓e upon the light of one of their crews on h▓is beams

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’ ends in the gutter of the undign●ified district beyond the canal.But sober or be▓sotted, not a man of them dre●amed of clearing out; and “the● boys” had long since given● up all hope of being called to fill▓ a vacancy. I had, of course, lost no tim▓e in making known

  • ged● nationality, and ?/li>
  • 癴airy tale” we
  • re solemn▓ly inscribed
  • on the records.That w?/li>
  • 坅s well enough for the gullib
  • l▓e interpreter; but what of t▓h
  • e puzzled government bookkeepe
  • r at Tokyo, who▓ poured over volu
  • mes of reports from t●h
  • e rural district
  • s, seeking in▓ vain to
  • find out what had beco
  • me of “Alfr●ed Leland of Lincolnlane” I
  • reached▓ Yokohama that night and, havin
  • g dep●osited my bundle in the Sailors’ ●Hom

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my existence ▓at the American consulate.Captains ▓were not unknown in the lega●tion; not many moons since, a man had actuall▓y been signed on in that very building! Each in●terview with the genial consu▓l was full of good cheer; yet, as a really● satisfying portion, good che


er was infinitely ▓inferior to a bowl of

soba.Between● pursuing that elusive substance▓ through the streets of Yokohama ●and over her suburban hills, and wi●ping our fee

  • e, continued next day to Tokyo
  • .Financ▓ially I was near the end
  • of my rope.M▓y daily expenditures
  • in Japan h▓ad barely average


t on the mats of steamship offices● of hi

gh and low degree, neither the Chilian no▓r I found cause to complain of the inactivi●ty of existence. 487In one thing the So●

  • -five cents; but ev●en at tha
  • t rate the fortune arising from th
  • e g●ratitude of the “jungle king
  • ” of Kung● Chow and the gene


uth American was eccentric.He wou●ld not

beg.Though, to tell the truth, the▓re was small temptation to be overcome▓ in that regard; for the Jap is an ardent belie▓ver in

  • f the● Fausang’s captain had
  • been g●radually dissipated.Bankr
  • uptcy mattered little▓ now, howev
  • er, for Tokyo was the last cit


the old adage anent the initial ▓dwelling p

lace of charity.Twice we found w▓ork in the city, the first in the press room ▓of one of Japan’s English newspapers,▓ the second

  • y itinerary.Once back in Yokoh
  • am▓a, it would be strange if I co
  • uld no▓t soon sign on some craft
  • homeward bo▓und.I squandered


on the wharf.But if th▓e price of living was low, the wag●e scale was even more debased; and th●ere were others to partake of our earnings, for ●in Yokohama were at least a s●core of beachcombers with well-developed appetit▓es, closely banded together in ●a profit-sharing c


ompany. W▓hen work failed, the blanket in the cupboard ne▓tted one yen.That gone, there were a few odds▓ and ends of wearing apparel in my bundle to ●be offered up.The Chilian owned two pai▓r of shoes; an extraordinary amplitude of wa▓rdrobe that smacked of foppishness.He

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felt ●more comfortable when the extra pair ▓had been transferred from “holy Joe’s”▓ keeping to the sagging line above the pawn


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sho▓p door.When the shoes had been eaten, inte●rcourse with the broker lapsed.●Except for my kodak and our pipe▓s not a thing re


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mained but the cloth▓es we stood in. Then came the le▓gacy from “Frisco Kid.” The “Kid” was one of▓ the few Americans amon


g us.On the f●irst evening that we were forced to retre●at “sobaless” to the H

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ome, he ●drew me aside for a moment. “You▓ know,” he whispered, “the Pliades is going o●ut to-night I’m going to have ▓a try at sticking away on her, an’ the washee m●an has a few of my rags.” H●e thrust into my hand a wooden laundry chec▓k. “If I don’t turn up in the ?/p>

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駇orning, the stuff’s yours.So● long.I’ll

give ’em your regards in ▓the State

s.” At nine next day

he had not ▓

returned, and,

having satisfie

d the laundr


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yman▓ with a few coppers borrowed from the mi●ssionary

, we feasted royally on the conten●ts of the bundle,—a khaki uniform and two s

h●irts. It was on Saturday, nearly ▓two weeks after

my return from Tokyo, tha●t the first prospect of escape from Japan presen●te

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